TuckLAB: Entrepreneurship

TuckLAB: Entrepreneurship empowers students to pursue their passions by providing them with the business skills they need to leverage their liberal arts education in today’s competitive marketplace.

Throughout TuckLAB: Entrepreneurship, students learn how to set themselves apart by thinking differently and practicing tactful innovation. TuckLAB: Entrepreneurship's core curriculum focuses on developing skills to analyze data and make more informed decisions; effectively interact with customers and clients; and critically evaluate situations and persuade others to act. Students learn vital skills that teach them to think differently and focus on the applied innovation that resonates in any field.

This program is generously underwritten by the Tuck School of Business and the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship. The program takes place at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Tuck has long cultivated an active, collaborative learning community distinguished by the core values of being personal, connected, and transformative.

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uckLAB: Entrepreneurship has not only equipped me with the tools necessary for success but has also inspired me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams with unwavering determination. I wholeheartedly recommend TuckLAB to any student seeking a transformative and enriching entrepreneurial education.
Josue Godeme D’26